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tinctures x supplements x hygiene

Deep Honey

Seed x Soul Farms Teas + Edibles

Little Seeds

Nourishing remedies, vitamins, and body care to help the most important seeds in our life flourish.

Little seeds flourishing here


Seed + Soul Boric Acid Suppositories

I struggled with BV. Every month I was having issues. The boric acid suppositories came with an applicator and they have kept me BV free!!! Finally something that works!



Healing Vibes Yoni Oil

I love the Yoni Oil. It smells so good. It keeps my V hydrated, my skin tone even, and i get so many compliments from my partner!!!! A must have!



This Medicine Lady Knows her Stuff

I am a repeat client of Deep Honey and they never disappoint. I fell in love with a sample facial oil that Nicole included complimentary in my box and now I am offering it to my clients. she's a wealth of knowledge, kind, and genuinely loves her customers. this Peachy Turmeric oil has done wonders to my and my clients' skin.



Seed + Soul Vaginal Moisture Supplements

When I tell you she is so wet! As i have gotten older I was struggling with making my own moisture but these supplements…. Keep my kitty purring!



Great customer service and product

I can honestly say this product works I perform waxing services. I purchased the Healing Vibes Scrub and the Peachy Turmeric Oil. I had two ingrown hairs that would not go away, I used the products and in a couple days they were gone. 10/10 recommend.


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