The Moon's Embrace: A Intentional Period x Self Care Ceremony for Mothers and Daughters

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🌙  the moons embrace ceremony 🌙 


Next ceremony : 06/21/24

 Next ceremony: 07/21/24 

The Moon's Embrace: A Intentional Period x Self Care Ceremony for Mothers and Daughters

Ceremony Description:

Welcome to "The Moon's Embrace," a beautifully holistic and whimsically enchanting class designed for young queens aged 8-13, or whenever their loving mothers feel they are ready to embark on this magical journey into womanhood, and their mothers.

About the Ceremony:

In the heart of our vibrant community, we gather under the gentle embrace of the moon, where ancient wisdom blends seamlessly with the joyful curiosity of youth. This class is a celebration of the sacred connection between the cycles of nature and the blossoming of young girls into confident, empowered women. Through stories, dances, and artistic expressions, we explore the beauty of menstruation and the powerful symbolism of the moon.

What to Expect:

  1. The Moonlit Gathering:
    • Our journey begins with a moonlit gathering around a sacred fire, where the soft glow of lanterns and the twinkling stars create a magical ambiance. Mama Nicole, welcomes the young queens with open arms and a warm smile.
  2. Whispers of Wisdom:
    • Guided by the nurturing presence of Mama Nicole, we listen to enchanting stories passed down through generations. These tales weave the symbolism of the moon with the natural rhythms of the menstrual cycle, celebrating the beauty of renewal and growth. The stories are brought to life with lively dances, rhythmic drumming, and mesmerizing chants.
  3. The Sacred Pouch:
    • Each young queen receives a delicate handmade pouch, adorned with symbols representing the moon's phases. Inside, they find herbs, flowers, and other treasures chosen for their connection to feminine energy. This pouch is a gift from the moon, a reminder of their own sacred journey.
  4. Artistic Expressions:
    • Through painting, drawing, and crafting, the girls express their unique experiences and feelings about this new chapter in their lives. They create beautiful art that symbolizes their personal connection to the moon and their menstrual cycle, celebrating their individuality and creativity.
  5. Intentional Talk:
    • We engage in intentional talks that reflect the phases of the moon and the stages of the menstrual cycle. The young queens learn to embrace the cyclical nature of life, finding strength and beauty in every phase.
  6. Nourishing Traditions:
    • We learn about the importance of nutrition for menstrual health, exploring the rich bounty of our land. Through delicious recipes and herbal teas, we discover how to nourish our bodies with love and care.
  7. Empowerment and Reflection:
    • In a circle of sisterhood, we share our thoughts, questions, and reflections. Mama Nicole offers gentle guidance, wisdom, and support, fostering an environment of trust and understanding. Together, we celebrate the uniqueness of each girl's journey.
  8. The Final Embrace:
    • Our journey concludes with a heartfelt ceremony under the full moon. Each young queen receives a blessing from Mama Nicole, symbolizing the community's love and support. They leave with a sense of empowerment, ready to embrace the beautiful dance of their own cycles.

Join Us:

Mothers and daughters are invited to join this whimsical, artistic, and deeply meaningful class, where the sacred traditions of our community come alive in the hearts of our young queens. "The Moon's Embrace" is more than a class; it's a celebration of life, growth, and the powerful connection between the moon and the women of our community.

Welcome to "The Moon's Embrace," where every young queen discovers the magic within herself, guided by the wisdom of the moon and the love of her community.



Taught by a women’s health nurse, pelvic floor specialist, herbalist, doula, lactation consultant, student midwife and mommy of 7. 

Reserve your daughter's spot today and let her experience this whimsical, artistic, and deeply meaningful class. We offer a multi-child discount: each mom/daughter pair for $75, with each additional girl at $45. For groups above 10, email or DM for details and availability.

For private dates outside of what is offered, an additional fee is required. Email or DM for details and availability.


Classes are located near Downtown Atlanta. The exact address will be released in the confirmation email after booking.

In the event of inclement weather, ceremony will be held indoors.


Parking is FREE!!!!!!



Once purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless there is cancellation or postponement of the event.

 Management does not accept the responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to persons/property on or around the premises.

 The promoter reserves the right to alter the program as necessary.

 Admission by full ticket only.

 Recommended for girls age 8-13 as sensitive subjects will be discussed.


 Please notify 2 weeks in advance in order to accommodate dietary restrictions.

 Seats are limited!!!