Seed x Soul Herbal Wellness Consultation

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Seed x Soul Virtual Wellness Consultation

Honey, I want you healed, whole, flourishing in every way. I am here to plant the seeds to make your soul flourish.

Here is what to expect at your initial consultation:

We will sit together virtually for 1+ hours. During this time, I will take your health history, family health history, listen to your concerns, and learn what your journey has been up until this point. We will write the story of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Holism is all of these together. It is the balance of each individual part of you. 

Why 1+ hours… we move in spirit. Most appointments take 1 hour but occasionally, we need more time for understanding and trust. The most important part of your herbal consultation is trusting the practitioner to have your best interest at heart and trusting her belief in your healing and wholeness. 

After our consultation, A health plan will be created for you that will consist of herbal medicinals, teas, tinctures, supplements, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations. I will create the health plan and we will discuss it at your first followup appointment.

Creating your health plan can take approximately a week to thoroughly research any contraindications or beneficial resources that are specific to your health and well being. Non complex conditions may be less than a week.

Your first followup appointment is covered in the initial fee. This appointment is approximately 30 minutes. In this appointment we will discuss your plan of care in detail. I will have all of your herbal medicinals ready for you to pick up or I can ship them. This is a time for you to ask questions that you may not have asked at the initial appointment. At this appointment we will also schedule your next followup appointment.

+Every appointment is confidential with the exception of self harm or harm to others.

++All treatments are tailor made based on our consultation and record of your health history, current health status and concerns. I work in collective with nature and in collaboration with you and your body to produce a space of healing and flourishing. 

+++Appointments are completely virtual. In person consultations are able to be requested.


Flourishing love, light and blessings always,