Postpartum Steam Pack

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The postpartum period is a sacred and special time of healing. Postpartum Steam enables you to create a sacred space to honor, empower, and purify the womb that created, held, and nurtured precious life.

This steam blend helps

  • Assist your uterus to decrease in size
  • Heal the vaginal canal opening and labia
  • Facilitate healing of perineal tears/ episiotomy/ C section scars
  • Reduce skin swelling
  • Provide alleviation of suture discomfort and facilitate the healing process
  • Clear out lochia
  • Shrink hemorrhoids
  • Regulate pulse and blood pressure
  • Relieve postpartum contractions
  • Tone reproductive system after birth
  • Nourish and Tone uterine lining
  • Assist in processing and healing from birth and birth trauma
  • Honor the womb for the beautiful work it has done
  • Facilitate profound self love and healing