Seed x Soul Intention Bundle

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Each bundle includes: Palo Santo Wood Incense, Sage Smudge Stick, and a Selenite Cleansing Crystal.

Clear your sacred space using authentic Awakened Palo Santo Wood Incense. Allow it’s sweet scent with hints of citrus and mint to fill your home, your life, and your intentions with love and light. 

Each Palo Santo incense is sustainably sourced and approximately 3” long.

Each Palo Santo is paired with a healing and purifying Sage smudge stick to give even more benefit and intent. 

Selenite Cleansing Crystal- Known for it’s healing and purification properties. Selenite Cleansing Crystal is naturally formed and has a mesmerizing soft pearlescent glow. Amplify the energy of other crystals and activate the third eye and crown chakras. 

Directions: Light the wood then allow the embers to burn as smoke rises from the edge. Direct the smoke to any object, doorway, windowsill and speak blessings and intentions on your space to clear negative energy and invite positive energy and healing into your space. Extinguish your stick completely when finished.