The Essential Man Self Care MINI Kit

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Hey Handsome!

You are essential. The world is better with you in it beautiful man. Now get your fine self in the kit and begin your own self care ritual. 

The Essential Man MINI Kit, is for the man that is essential in your life. 

What’s Included: All the Essentials 

Rosemary Ginger BB Wash to clean away the day. Formulated for your BB parts. The Beard and the Balls. 4oz

Rosemary Ginger BB Scrub to exfoliate and remove the dead skin and the dead weight of the stress of the day. Gentle enough for the Beard and Balls but formulated for the Best parts… the whole body! 4oz

Rosemary Ginger BB Oil, to soften that new skin and new you that has emerged. Curated especially for the Beard and Balls. 🤗 1oz



Come and let us love on you sir, You are essential.